Polling Boxes

is a consulting firm specialized in Projects: MANUFACTURE and SUPPLY of Polling Boxes (Ballot Boxes)

From project management to the supply of materials and logistics. Being able to add extra services such as ballot papers, voting booths and other related elements.
Composed of professionals with extensive experience in these fields and a long career in the business world. We intend to carry out the projects entrusted to help the contracting party to delegate this part of your project with reliability, speed, security, professionalism and in an economical way.

Our mission is to help companies achieve their business goal through our project officer in an ethical, effective and safe way. The values given are: our experience in the business world production, services and procurement and institutional projects, the ability to give priority to the actions / interventions, the study of the optimal solution for every demand, flexibility of action and adaptation to the environment.

For ESPAL WORLD, the priority is to advise and assist our clients, offering constructive and integral solutions for their projects.


Manufacture and supply of urns

Supply of plates or polling boxes / urns parts

Transport and logistics coordination

Project Management


  • Project supports polls and voting booths in Spain 1976
  • Making the first 30,000 ballots boxes for Spain in 1977 and so far, together with the autonomous communities Euskadi, Andalucia, etc. (Note: We were awarded stands and booths on several occasions.)
  • Elections of Gabon, 1991 – (Mat) (BB) (Log) (PM)
  • Elections of Congo, 1995-Mat) (BB) (Log) (PM)
  • Winners of Morocco 60.000 polling boxes, 1997
  • Elections of Senegal, 2002
  • Morocco’s new project for 50,000 large urns, 2002
  • Elections of Senegal 40,000 polling boxes, 2007-2008
  • Elections in Morocco, 2005 (Mat)
  • Elections in Pakistan, 2008 (Proj)